Press Release

The CareVoice successfully Completes Follow-on
Seed Stage Fundraising

New Review-based Healthcare Mobile App Provides Open Platform Built on
Patients' Experiences of Medical Services and Treatments

14 October, 2014

The CareVoice, a new and innovative review-based app for the healthcare industry, announced the successful completion of its follow-on seed stage fundraising. The CareVoice is a health mobile app that provides an independent platform for patients to seek impartial and transparent information on medical providers and treatments from patients’ real experiences.

The CareVoice’s mission is to assist patients in finding the hospitals, doctors and treatments that suit them best. The app also creates value for healthcare providers and healthcare companies by helping them to understand how to improve the services and products they deliver to improve patients’ experience.

The CareVoice was incorporated in July 2013, and after its first seed-stage fundraising, the company launched a beta version of its App for Shanghai-based iPhone owners in early 2014. During the recent China Health forum held in Beijing, The CareVoice announced the milestone of 10,000 reviews of hospitals, physicians and medicines, achieved within its first few months.

The company is now fully engaged in developing solid cooperation with healthcare providers and insurance players to enhance patients’ positive experiences and overall satisfaction. According to The CareVoice founder and CEO, Sebastien Gaudin, “There have been many improvements in healthcare offerings driven by government bodies and private companies in China. However, there are still very few initiatives that seek to better understand how patients experience medical services and treatments across Asia despite this being a standard mark of quality in many other regions.”

From patient feedback collected thus far, there is significant variation in satisfaction levels according to healthcare providers. Some key differences also exist in terms of areas of improvements, which vary not only between healthcare providers, but also between medical specialties.

“The CareVoice is currently working on systems that take data originating from patients’ true experiences along with other relevant information to provide real time rankings of medical services or treatments for selected diseases or symptoms,” said Ricky Ng-Adam, CTO of The CareVoice.

The recently completed fundraising provides The CareVoice team with the necessary funds to complete its second stage of development, strengthening collaborations with healthcare companies and preparing release of new version of its mobile platform in order to provide more value to Chinese patients.

About Us:
The CareVoice is an Internet start-up company founded in July 2013 that recently launched under the Chinese brand name ‘KangYu’ its mobile application. Literally meaning ‘health voice’ in Mandarin, The CareVoice is the first review-based social platform to help patients to make better healthcare decisions, and empower healthcare providers and companies to enhance positive patient experiences.

From a comprehensive listing of hospitals, doctors and treatments, patients can voice their true healthcare experiences by posting reviews based on their medical visits, providing valuable approach that can be shared with other patients undergoing a similar health journey. Created with the patient experience in mind, The CareVoice provides an open, trusted and reliable platform to make informed decisions based on individual healthcare needs for a healthier community.

The CareVoice provides value for doctors, hospitals and healthcare companies who want to understand the patient experience and continuously improve upon their services and treatments. In turn, they find value in ensuring they provide the best, positive experience to their most important stakeholder – the patient.

We believe that health is a journey we make together, and The CareVoice is dedicated to building a healthier future for all.

Media Contacts:
Sebastien Gaudin
Founder CEO
The CareVoice